The Sullivan Times Interview

Are you running against Metzger’s record, Governor Cuomo and the Democrats?  

I’m actually running to serve the people of the 42nd senate district who feel as though they no longer have a voice in Albany. Democracy doesn’t work with one party rule; and the prime example of this is the current budget deficit of over $6 billion, a budget which Senator Metzger voted for.  I have a proven record of working with Governor Cuomo’s administration on a number of school bus safety laws and I’m confident I’ll be able to work with the administration after I’m elected.

What issues that Metzger has legislated besides bail reform are you concerned about and why should Sullivan County voters be concerned with her record?

First, we cannot dismiss the serious ongoing public threat to public safety, her vote to eliminate bail for criminals who harm innocent women, children, and animals is disgusting.  A woman in Orange County was attacked by a knife-wielding punk and was released back on the street because Senator Metzger and her far-left friends in the senate voted to eliminate bail for criminals.  It’s the number one issue that people want to talk to me about as I travel the district.  Citizens in the district do not support Senator Metzger’s far left agenda.  For instance, she voted to provide free college for illegal immigrants that will cost upwards of $27 million a year – this is money that would be better spent on helping the sick, disabled, and poor. 

What will Mike do differently than Annie Rabbitt to beat Metzger?

While Annie almost beat Metzger, what’s different this time is that Senator Metzger now has a far-left voting record that has made our streets less safe by eliminating bail for criminals, a voting record that is leading to out of control budget deficits and higher taxes, and a voting record that is giving money to illegal immigrants instead of helping the most vulnerable in our senate district and state.

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