Martucci Calls on Senator Metzger and State Legislature to Repeal Dangerous Green Light Law

State Senate Candidate Mike Martucci is calling for the repeal of the state’s so called Green Light Law.  Martucci understands that his proposal is not likely to have the support of a majority of legislators, so he is also calling for Senator Metzger and the legislature to at least fix the two most egregious problems with the new law that threaten homeland security and the state’s electoral system.

“If they can’t get the votes to repeal the entirety of the Green Light Law, they at least must fix the two biggest problems with the law, which are preventing state agencies from sharing information with law enforcement and potentially allowing illegal immigrants to vote in our state elections,” said Martucci.

Due to New York State’s passage of the Green Light Law, the Department of Homeland Security recently announced that New York residents will no longer be eligible to participate in “Trusted Traveler” programs like Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and FAST.

The Green Light Law, supported by State Senator Metzger, gives drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and recklessly prohibits the state Department of Motor Vehicles from sharing information with federal agencies and thereby protecting illegal immigrants suspected of additional crimes. 

“Senator Metzger and the far-left leadership in the state legislature continue to put the rights of criminals above the rights of law-abiding citizens,” said Martucci.  “This refusal to cooperate in protecting our nation by blocking federal agencies from reviewing driver identification documents has not just made us more susceptible to potential terror threats, it has also resulted in every New Yorker having their Trusted Traveler status revoked.”

Not only does this pose a tremendous inconvenience for New Yorkers who travel frequently, the Green Light Law creates the very information barriers between law enforcement agencies that allowed the attacks on September 11, 2001 to happen. 

“I understand the results of that failure all too well,” said Martucci.  “My beautiful sister-in-law Michelle Bratton was lost on that awful day.  At 23 years old, she was just starting her life, and living her dream in the most exciting city on Earth.  Michelle was so proud to be working for Cantor Fitzgerald, a job she had started just weeks before.  Michelle’s death, and the deaths of nearly three thousand other innocent people could have been avoided if law enforcement agencies shared what they knew with one another.”

“I will never vote for dangerous legislation like the Green Light Law, or for bail “reform” that puts criminals right back on the streets to continue to offend.  I never want to see another family experience the tragic loss that my family, and all the other 9/11 families feel to this day, because their government let them down by putting progressive politics ahead of public safety,” said Martucci.

The people of the 42nd state senate district deserve a state senator that will be their voice and look out for their interests over those of criminals and her far-left New York City special interests. 

“Senator Metzger consistently fails to put the rights of our families over the rights of felons, but I won’t,” said Martucci.  “This is the commitment I make to the voters of the 42nd Senate District.”

Martucci’s campaign is focused on putting families first; he will be meeting as many people as possible in the district over the next ten months to learn more about their concerns and hope for the future.  

The 42nd state senate district comprises Sullivan county, and parts of Orange, Ulster, and Delaware counties.

About Mike Martucci: Mike is a small businessman who employed hundreds of people locally at his former company, Quality Bus Service, which was responsible for safely transporting thousands of school children each day in and near the 42nd senate district.  Mike and his wife Erin own a small family-farm in the hamlet of Westtown, so he understands the importance of supporting local farmers, and protecting our environment. Mike and Erin established a family foundation to support local women and children in need, educational opportunities, job creation, and agriculture initiatives.  Mike and Erin have three children and live in the Town of Wawayanda. Mike earned his MBA and BS at Marist College and graduated with honors from SUNY Orange, he is also a Board member of the SUNY Orange Foundation which provides college scholarships for students.  Click for full bio:

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