Martucci Says Including Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in the State Budget for Hollywood Executives and Politicians is Offensive to Taxpayers: Calls on Metzger to Eliminate Reckless Spending to Help State Recover

As the fog clears from the State’s opaque budget process, voters in the 42nd State Senate District can clearly see that they’ve been betrayed by Senator Metzger. Rather than fighting for their interests, she cast her lot with New York City radical progressives and delivered for criminals and special interests instead of working families, farmers, and small businesses.

“The voters of the 42nd Senate District elected Senator Metzger to have their backs, and instead she stabbed them in the back,” said Mike Martucci, candidate for the 42nd State Senate District seat. “She has failed to listen to the concerns and needs of our community, her values are not our values. At a time when she needed to look out for those who sent her to Albany, she was busy kowtowing to her political bosses in New York City to get her marching orders.”

At a time when our state faced a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit and our farmers and small businesses are fighting for their very survival, Senator Metzger voted to give a $420 million tax credit to Hollywood. With Hollywood’s annual revenue exceeding $40 billion a year, is this the best use of our tax money? Our local farms and small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and they need this money to employ our citizens and feed our families far more than movie moguls need it to buy another mansion, fancy car, or private jet.

She also supported public financing of campaigns; which will use our hard-earned tax dollars to fund the campaigns of politicians – putting us one step closer to a command and control political system supported by Metzger’s far-left radical allies representative Andrea Ocasio-Cortez and NY City Mayor Bill De Blasio.  The more than $100 million dollars allocated in this year’s state budget to fund political campaigns would be much better used to help those in need — especially those people who have lost their jobs during this pandemic — and prepare us for the next one.

Senator Metzger made sure to support “campaign reforms” that will benefit her including increasing the number of votes needed by a party to obtain ballot access in a statewide election – ensuring that incumbents minimize the number of challengers they face while disenfranchising thousands of New Yorkers. 

With New York’s farmers representing one of the largest shares of the Empire State’s economic might, one is left to wonder how Senator Metzger can call for federal aid to farmers out of one side of her mouth, while simultaneously voicing support for more than half-a-billion dollars in wasteful state spending to benefit Hollywood executives and publicly finance election campaigns.  

“New York’s family farms are on the brink of extinction, and they need more than platitudes and calls for federal funding from the chairwoman of state senate’s Agriculture Committee,” said Martucci.  “As Chair of the committee, Metzger should have fought for our farmers and seen to it that they were given access to the $420 million that she and her far-left allies in the senate gave to Hollywood.”

College students were sent home early, and our high school seniors are looking forward to starting the latest chapter in their lives in the Fall. However, the pandemic has created such economic uncertainty that they are in limbo, not knowing if that will be possible much less affordable. Illegal aliens however need not worry, as Senator Metzger fought to provide $27 million in funding for their education.  Those students will learn the unfortunate lesson that crime does pay.  Worse, this money could have gone toward patients afflicted by the Coronavirus, protective equipment for hospital staff, ventilators, hospitals, and the list goes on.

And to add insult to injury, she supported a last minute behind closed doors addition to the budget that will allow for a pay raise for legislators like herself at a time when most people are wondering how they will be able to pay their bills in the coming months as the COVID-19 pandemic crushes economies and lives equally.

“How tone deaf can our elected representatives be,” asked Mike Martucci? “Serving the people of the 42nd District is a privilege, not an opportunity for self-enrichment. I’ve been fortunate in life due to hard work and sacrifice, but I will not look to prosper at the people’s expense by accepting a pay raise when the state is broke. Accordingly, if elected, I will donate any pay raise resulting from this year’s budget to charitable efforts that relieve suffering in our communities resulting from this horrible crisis.”

The bottom line is the 2020-2021 New York State budget is a cash cow for downstate special interests. The pandemic is projected to grow an already daunting $6 billion budget gap, which Senator Metzger helped create, to an insurmountable $20 billion budget gap. Rather than exercise fiscal austerity and prioritizing the needs of the unemployed, first responders, medical staff, hospitals, small businesses and our local farmers; Senator Metzger put the agenda of far-left New York City politicians first.

“Senator Metzger has proven to be radically wrong on criminal justice, radically wrong on fiscal policy, and radically wrong for the working families of the 42nd Senate District,” said Martucci.  “The Governor should exercise the power temporarily granted to him during the coronavirus pandemic and cut this wasteful spending.”

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