Martucci Says Metzger Owns Her Vote on Bail Reform and Eliminating Bail for Dangerous Criminals

With the fallout of eliminating bail for dangerous criminals raining down on Senator Metzger, she is understandably in full panic and damage control mode. Metzger’s opinion piece that appeared in the February 25th edition of the Sullivan County Democrat is long on rationalizations and excuses, and short on accepting responsibility for her vote and for being a co-sponsor of the original Bail Elimination Act of 2019.

Metzger blames the process by which “Bail Elimination” was enacted by including it in the state budget, arguing that she had to vote for it in order to achieve numerous other budget priorities.  Meanwhile, she never mentions that she and 24 other radical Democrats sponsored the Bail Elimination Act of 2019 (S.2101-a), which was used as the foundation for the budget language that eliminated bail for criminals in the budget. 

Metzger claims she has spoken at length with law enforcement officials, and nearly everyone agreed that bail needed to be eliminated. I find this assertion to be rather suspicious, as Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff told the crowd at my campaign launch that Metzger not once contacted him for his input or guidance on eliminating bail for criminals who prey on innocent people and animals.

Acting Sullivan County District Attorney, Meagan Galligan, spoke about bail reform at a January Town Board meeting in Callicoon, where she observed that the law passed with Metzger’s support went “overboard.” She further observed that while the new bail reform law might be appropriate for New York City, it was not appropriate for Sullivan County. This is yet another example of Senator Metzger following the lead of her radical New York City donors and social justice activists.

Metzger has a habit of being reckless with her votes and leaving a long devastating trail of victims in her wake.  Whether it is supporting dangerous bail elimination that puts the rights of criminals ahead of families, voting to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, or voting for a tax on opioid medications that has made these medications more expensive and less accessible for people suffering from chronic debilitating pain – Metzger has demonstrated that she is consistently on the wrong side of the issues.

As the former president of the New York School Bus Contractors Association, I was able to garner bipartisan support for legislation that protected children from predators, and those bills were passed into law on their own merit – they didn’t need to be hidden in the budget to avoid public scrutiny. Metzger claims to be opposed to doing policy in the state budget, but was quick to praise the banning of plastic grocery store bags which was contained in the budget. 

She never once brought up any opposition to doing her bail elimination bill in the context of the state budget during debate on the senate floor and she never once called on Governor Cuomo to exercise his line item veto power to strike it from the budget.

Voters in the 42nd Senate District deserve a representative that will put their needs first and protect their families. Progressive social justice policies like Metzger’s bail elimination law only serve to further victimize law-abiding citizens while coddling criminals. In this regard, and so many others, Senator Metzger and I could not be more different.

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