Martucci to Metzger and Hollywood Elitist Edie Falco – Fuhgeddaboudit!

State Senate Candidate for the 42nd District seat, Mike Martucci, gave a Bronx Cheer and an enthusiastic FUHGEDDABOUTIT to the out of touch and radical progressive actress Edie Falco over the former Sopranos star’s attack on New York state’s embattled dairy farmers as they struggle to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a May 7, 2020 opinion piece that appeared in the New York Daily News, (link here) Falco lambasted Governor Cuomo’s $25 million in funding for Nourish New York, a program that purchases farm products from Empire State farmers to stock food pantries across the state – a service that has increased in demand due to the economic calamity caused by COVID-19. Falco also intimated that New York’s farms are breeding grounds for disease similar to COVID-19, and further characterized many farmers as “non-essential” at a time when consumers are experiencing shortages at their local grocery store. Falco said, “Not only is dairy not “essential,” factory farming, including dairy farming, is a breeding ground for disease. If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that raising and killing animals for food is a global health risk.”

“Governor Cuomo correctly pushed for a $25 million support package for our dairy farmers who toil tirelessly to provide nourishing dairy products for millions of New Yorkers,” said Martucci. “It couldn’t be more ironic that Edie Falco, the beneficiary of a $420 million tax break, championed by equally out of touch State Senator Metzger, would complain about the crumbs left over to support members of New York’s largest economic sector – agriculture.”

For years Falco has lined her pockets with tax dollars paid from the labor of hard-working farmers that she maligns by accusing them of engaging in animal abuse. Rather than casting aspersions on those who actually contribute to society, Falco should take a hard look in the mirror and ask whether the series she has appeared in really need New York’s tax dollars that she claims to be so concerned about. Falco recently appeared in the TV series I Love You, Daddy and Tommy, both of which received funding from the New York State Film Tax Credit Program.

Martucci added, “Falco should stop wetting her beak and return the tax dollars she claims to be so concerned about in these devastating economic times, and Senator Metzger should immediately move to repeal this disgraceful Hollywood giveaway that we cannot afford. We read about supply chain issues daily and how meat, produce, and dairy products will be in short supply, further exacerbating the food insecurity too many are suffering from already. Falco’s attack on our dairy farmers threatens the health and wellbeing of millions of our friends and neighbors.”

While Falco is certainly entitled to her opinion, she should stop channeling her brassy Sopranospersonality that presumes to know it all and is more than willing to push her opinions upon her perceived underlings. People that choose to consume vegan products are well within their right, for ethical or health reasons, or simply a matter of preference. Nobody wishes to deny them their choices. Radical progressives, like Senator Metzger and Falco, would however seek to deny people their right to choose, imposing their subjective morality upon the masses. 

In the end it is all about control and using the power of government, in this case your tax dollars, to promote businesses they approve of and destroy those which they do not. Senator Metzger has been a willing pawn in this game by voting for the $420 million tax credit for Hollywood fat-cats.

Senator Metzger needs to get her priorities straight. The 42nd Senate District is a community with a rich agricultural history. Mike Martucci calls upon Senator Metzger to denounce Ms. Falco’s dangerous and radical ideas and stand in solidarity with her constituents by urging Governor Cuomo to use the $420 million for additional farm assistance.

Generations of upstate farmers have tilled the soil and husbanded the land to feed New York City’s liberals, while the elite looked down upon them from their high rises the entire time. Farming is honest and hard work – something that is lost upon those who look at life as a series of roles to play, and never question how the food for their dinner parties ends up on the table.

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