Mike Martucci Blasts Pro-Criminal State Senator Jen Metzger Following Ulster County Chamber of Commerce Debate

Metzger Called Her Failed and Dangerous Bail Elimination Law a ‘Fair and Safe System’ and Accused Victims and Critics of ‘Shameful Blaming’ and ‘Fear Mongering’

Goshen, NY (October 2, 2020) – Following a debate hosted by the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce in which Senator Metzger defended her pro-criminal and dangerous bail elimination law, candidate for the 42nd State Senate District seat Mike Martucci blasted Metzger for describing New York’s bail elimination law as “fair and safe.” Metzger went on to accuse critics of engaging in “fear mongering” and “shameful blaming.”

“Senator Metzger has proven yet again how out of touch she is with the voters of the 42nd District, and quite frankly the vast majority of New Yorkers,” Martucci said. “Ask Lisa Colon of Newburgh if her story is fear mongering. Lisa was assaulted in a domestic violence incident and her assailant was arrested and released. Days later, Lisa was again attacked by the same individual who stabbed her and set her house on fire.”

Martucci continued, “Lisa was able to be victimized again because Senator Metzger’s actions in Albany put a predator back on the streets of Newburgh. How many more Lisas do we have to have before Senator Metzger and her radical leftist pro-criminal colleagues in the state legislature wake up and put the rights of law-abiding citizens ahead of the rights of criminals?”

In addition to repealing bail elimination, when elected to the state senate Mike Martucci will pass the ‘Victims’ Rights and Reparations Act’ which expands eligibility under the state’s Victims Compensation Fund. Currently the Victims Compensation Fund only provides relief to victims between the ages of 18 and 60 if they were physically injured; while victims under age 18 and over age 60 can receive compensation no matter the type of injury suffered. Martucci contends that victims shouldn’t be victimized again by a government that picks winners and losers among citizens who have suffered at the hands of criminals.

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