Mike Martucci’s Momentum Pushes 42nd Senate District Race Into Overdrive

On the Heels of the Third Debate Between Mike Martucci and Senator Metzger it is Apparent That Martucci is Setting the Pace for the Final Lap Going Into Election Day

Goshen, NY (October 28, 2020) Political neophyte and candidate for the 42nd State Senate District seat Mike Martucci is showing why his campaign to unseat Senator Metzger is the most closely watched race of this election cycle with all indications showing that Senator Metzger is likely to be a one-term senator. Martucci’s three decisive debate wins, lead in social media metrics, internal polling and key endorsements from law enforcement unions and popular three-term Governor George Pataki all strongly indicate that Martucci is pulling away in the crucial final days leading up to Election Day on November 3rd.

“Our vision for a stronger, safer and more prosperous New York is resonating with the voters of the 42ndDistrict,” Martucci said. “In just two short years of one-party rule, Senator Metzger and her democrat colleagues have driven the state into financial peril and allowed lawlessness to reign in our streets. The voters are tired of New York leading in all the wrong categories – the highest taxed, the worst economic outlook, the lowest economic freedom, and some of the worst infrastructure in the country. This is not the Empire State they remember from years past and yearn to live in again.”

Recognizing that Martucci represents the bi-partisan governing style that characterized his twelve years as governor, George Pataki enthusiastically endorsed Martucci for the state senate, saying, “We need more people like Mike, people who will make it their mission to machete red tape and rekindle the same entrepreneurial spirit in our laws that’s already alive and well in the hearts of every New Yorker.”

Martucci also received the unprecedented endorsement of more than 30 law enforcement unions representing more than 200,000 law enforcement officers across the state for his commitment to ending Metzger’s reckless bail elimination law.

“Our supporters have been tremendous, and I am encouraging them to turn out with their friends, family and neighbors to vote so we can restore desperately needed balance to Albany,” Martucci concluded.

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