Senator-Elect Mike Martucci Clinches Victory Over Incumbent State Senator Jen Metzger

Martucci’s Families First Agenda and Fight Against Radical Bail Elimination Resonates With Voters Who Demand Change and a Restoration of Balance to Albany

Goshen, NY (November 24, 2020) – Sealing the deal on an overwhelming election night dominance, Mike Martucci’s lead held through three weeks of mail-in voting and court challenges to become the next State Senator for the 42nd District. 

Senator-Elect Martucci overcame a significant democrat enrollment advantage, as well as being drastically outspent by almost 3 to 1 by the democrat establishment and special interest dark money that fought tooth and nail to retain the seat. In the end, Martucci’s Families First Agenda, and opposition to the senate democrats’ radical agenda that included disastrous bail elimination, raising taxes on the middle-class and ignoring the needs of our farmers drew the support of voters from across the aisle and propelled his victory in what many believed to be the most contested state legislative race this election cycle.

“I am honored and humbled by the support and trust given to me by the voters of the district,” Martucci said. “We built a multi-party coalition of families and community advocates, farmers and law enforcement, laborers and business owners, who recognized that Albany must change its practices and priorities to better meet the needs of New Yorkers during these most challenging times. It’s time to harness the resources of Albany to help forgotten upstate communities and rebuild the Empire State. There is much more to New York state than New York City and I plan on making sure Albany is made aware of it.”

Martucci added, “I would also like to thank Senator Metzger for a spirited campaign and for her years of service.  My staff and I look forward to working with Senator Metzger and her team as we facilitate a transition focused on the needs of the 42nd state senate district.” 

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