Senator Metzger Chooses Illegals Over Law-Abiding Middle-Class College Students

Legislature Maintains College Funding for Students Violating Immigration Laws While State Slams Door on Excelsior Scholarship Program Applications from U.S. Citizens

(Goshen, NY – July 27, 2020) State Senate Candidate for the 42nd District Seat, Mike Martucci, today blasted his far-left radical opponent Senator Metzger for putting the needs of illegal immigrants ahead of the hard-working and law-abiding college students and families of the Empire State.

During these extraordinarily challenging economic times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, New York state has announced it may need to curtail the Excelsior Scholarship program that has helped more than 30,000 students from middle class families afford to attend college tuition-free in New York state. At the same, Senator Metzger and the New York City dominated legislature have maintained funding for illegal immigrants to attend college for free.

“As someone who attended community college, it is simply unconscionable that Senator Metzger and her radical-left colleagues in the legislature would choose to go back on their commitment to help struggling law-abiding families send their children to college,” said Martucci. “I understand the value of these scholarships, and the need to make higher education as affordable as possible for working class families. As the Vice Chair of the SUNY Orange Foundation I’m proud to have played a role in the awarding of more than $400,000 in scholarships for local students.”

The Excelsior Scholarship is a “last dollar” program that covers any remaining tuition balance for a student to attend a SUNY or CUNY college after all other financial assistance has been applied – allowing students to graduate without burdensome debt and providing the freedom to pursue a fulfilling career path. One of the stipulations of the program is that students remain in New York state for four years post-graduation. This helps prevent “brain drain” from students seeking careers in other parts of the country, and also helps maintain and support families.

“One of the greatest problems facing New York state over the last few years is a mass exodus of young people with tremendous talent that was developed at our unparalleled institutions of higher learning. This flight is fueled by lack of professional opportunity, high cost of living and a general malaise that permeates every aspect of our society – the direct result of oppressive regulation and taxes coming out of Albany that have driven businesses and families from our great state,” Martucci added. 

With a maximum scholarship of $5,500 per student, an additional 10,000 Excelsior Scholarships would only cost the state $55 million a year assuming every student received the maximum award – a figure far less than what Senator Metzger and the legislature squandered on subsidizing billion-dollar Hollywood studios, or padding the campaign coffers of incumbents like Senator Metzger.

Martucci concluded, “At a time when New York is broke, Senator Metzger and her far-left radical colleagues in the legislature still managed to find $27 million to provide free college for illegal immigrants, but couldn’t find cuts in the state’s budget to ensure less fortunate students and families don’t have their opportunity to attend college taken from them.”

About Mike Martucci: Mike is a small businessman who employed hundreds of people locally at his former company, Quality Bus Service, which was responsible for safely transporting thousands of school children each day in and near the 42nd senate district.  Mike and his wife Erin own a small family-farm in the Town of Westtown, so he understands the importance of supporting local farmers, and protecting our environment. Mike and Erin established a family foundation to support local women and children in need, educational opportunities, job creation, and agriculture initiatives.  Mike and Erin have three children and live in the Town of Wawayanda. Mike earned his MBA and BS at Marist College and graduated with honors from SUNY Orange, he is also a Board member of the SUNY Orange Foundation which provides college scholarships for students.  The 42nd state senate district comprises Sullivan county, and parts of Orange, Ulster, and Delaware counties.  Click for full bio:

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