Standing Room Only for Mike Martucci’s First Town Hall Meeting Held in Kauneonga Lake Sullivan County

Kauneonga Lake, NY (January 29, 2020) – State senate candidate Mike Martucci kicked-off a series of Town Hall-like meetings at Sorella’s Pizzeria & Restaurant in Kauneonga Lake in Sullivan County this evening.  Martucci addressed a standing room only crowd and highlighted his “families-first” agenda calling out his opponent for voting with far-left New York City politicians instead of for initiatives that will improve the lives and communities of local families.

“The common theme I hear as I travel the district is that people feel New York state is headed in the wrong direction and that our current state senator is part of the problem.  Senator Metzger continuously votes with New York City politicians and has voted for far-left laws that eliminated bail for criminals, provide free college for illegal immigrants, and force taxpayers to fund political campaigns instead of helping the hard-working people of the 42nd senate district.”

Martucci spoke with a crowd of nearly 90 people and was joined by the chairman of the Sullivan County legislature, Robert Doherty, who spoke about Metzger’s failure to fight for local farmers, and Sullivan County undersheriff, Eric Chaboty, who spoke about Metzger’s failure to protect local citizens with her vote to eliminate bail for criminals.

“Unfortunately, we see it in the news every day now, criminals committing crimes and then being set free without bail.  This is due to a frightening new law that Senator Metzger voted for that eliminates bail for a number of horrible crimes against children, families, and even animals,” said Martucci.

 “Recently, a knife-wielding punk who was caught on video attacking a woman and punching her repeatedly, was arrested and released without bail in Orange County because of the law that Metzger voted for.  Time and time again, Senator Metzger  exercises poor judgement.  We should not be putting the rights of criminals over the rights of our families – especially when it threatens public safety,” Martucci continued.

As a board member of the New York School Bus Contractors Association and citizen advocate, Martucci worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass a law that protects children and families from criminals.  The legislation, which was signed into law by Governor Cuomo in 2011 (S.5806), disqualifies a person from driving a school bus if he or she was convicted of aggravated assault or promoting a sexual performance of a child – among other crimes.  Compare that with the current senator who voted for the law that eliminates bail for criminals who attack women and promote an obscene sexual performance of a child.   

Martucci also focused on a new law that Metzger championed as the chairwoman of the senate agriculture committee (Senate bill 6578 of 2019), which was opposed by many local farmers and the New York State Farm Bureau, that places additional burdens on our already stressed family farms.  

“As chair of the senate agriculture committee, she should have stood up to the her far-left political bosses and worked to amend the legislation so that it addressed the needs and concerns of our local farmers.  Instead, she failed to fight for our district and bowed to the radicals in the senate once again,” said Martucci.  

Martucci concluded, “The voters want change, they are tired of the left’s harmful- radical-agenda, and they deserve a state senator who will put their families first — I will be that state senator.”

Martucci’s campaign is focused on putting families first; he will be meeting as many people as possible in the district over the next ten months to learn more about their concerns and hope for the future.  

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