State Senate Candidate Mike Martucci Calls for End to Property Taxes for Seniors

Helping Seniors Stay in Their Homes is the Key to Stronger Families and Communities

Goshen, NY (September 30, 2020) – In an effort to stop the mass exodus of seniors fleeing The Empire State to avoid the highest combined tax burden in the nation, candidate for the 42nd State Senate District seat Mike Martucci today called for an end to property taxes for New Yorkers 60 years and older who make less than $100,000 per year. 

“New York state is hemorrhaging residents at the rate of nearly 250 people per day, the highest in the nation, and they are largely relocating to states with lower taxes and cost of living,” Martucci observed. “One of the greatest tax burdens faced by New Yorkers, and especially seniors, are local property taxes; and these oppressive taxes often serve to drive seniors out of their homes. For this reason I am calling on the state legislature to exempt seniors 60 years or older who make less than $100,000 a year from paying local property taxes.”

The elimination of property taxes for qualifying seniors would be paid for through the state’s General Fund. By eliminating wasteful spending from the state’s budget, such as $420 million in Hollywood corporate welfare and $100 million in political slush funds for incumbents like Senator Metzger, the state legislature could provide immediate and life-changing relief to New York’s seniors.

The AARP reported that 56% of New Yorkers worry about affording their property taxes in retirement, while 55% of “Boomers” said they intended to leave New York state. The fact that a majority of an entire generation intends to leave the state is a stinging indictment of radical liberal policies championed by Senator Metzger and spendthrift big government democrats in New York City.

Martucci concluded, “If we want to keep families together, and staunch the bleeding of residents, we must make it affordable for seniors to stay in their homes during their golden years. When we lose a generation of New Yorkers to other states, we lose a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom that strengthens and guides families and communities.”

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