State Senate Candidate Mike Martucci Calls for ‘Farmers First Tax Credit’ to Fully Offset Costs of Senator Metzger’s Harmful Farmworkers Law

Goshen, NY (October 1, 2020) – Candidate for the 42nd State Senate District seat, and part-time family farmer, Mike Martucci is calling for a ‘Farmers First Tax Credit’ to provide assistance to farmers negatively impacted by Senator Metzger’s unfunded farmworkers labor mandate.  Senator Metzger’s hyper-regulation of New York’s farmers drives up production costs and puts them at an economic and competitive disadvantage with farmers in neighboring states.

“Once again Senator Metzger’s New York City-centric view of the world puts the farmers of New York state at risk and threatens their ability to make a living,” said Martucci. “It never ceases to amaze me that somebody so out of touch with the lives and plight of our state’s generational farms can end up as the Chair of the Senate Agricultural Committee. Metzger claims to be the voice of the people, but apparently that doesn’t apply to farmers, especially the numerous farm organizations, farm owners and their employees who spoke out against the legislation before she passed it.”

Martucci’s ‘Farmers First Tax Credit’ would be available to those farmers who are negatively impacted by Senator Metzger’s farm labor bill and would cover 100% of the costs that farmers are being forced to pay under Metzger’s farm labor law mandate.    

If Senator Metzger, and her radical left colleagues in the state legislature want to put expensive mandates on our farmers they need to re-prioritize spending to pay for those mandates. They can start with their $420 million in giveaways to rich Hollywood executives that could instead fund Martucci’s proposed ‘Farmers First Tax Credit.’

Martucci concluded, “We can’t afford to let Senator Metzger and the radical left destroy our family farms with reckless laws that will keep our farmers from being competitive with other states. Farmers are the backbone of our economy and have been for generations. If the voters of the 42nd District want our local farms to remain the bedrock of our communities we must replace Senator Metzger on November 3rd. New York’s farmers deserve a real voice in Albany.”

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