Upstate Jobs Party Endorses Martucci

The Upstate Jobs Party (UJP), an independent political organization dedicated to private sector job growth and holistic government reform, today endorsed Mike Martucci’s candidacy for the 42nd State Senate district.

The UJP cited “Martucci’s steadfast commitment to expanding broadband and improving education outcomes to drive job growth,” as the primary reason for the endorsement. It joins a growing chorus of support for the Martucci candidacy that includes a multitude of law enforcement entities and the National Federation of Independent Businesses as formal endorsers.

In addition to the Martucci candidacy, for the first-time ever, UJP endorsed several other pro job-growth candidates in the Hudson Valley. The candidates are all dedicated to fighting for new private sector job growth that will reverse New York’s population losses and enacted needed government reforms.

In announcing the endorsement, Martin Babinec, the founder of the UJP said, “The Upstate Jobs Party looked across the State for the right kind of candidates to support and we’ve found a dynamic and talented team of strong leaders making up our Hudson Valley slate.  After spending time learning about the business and technical acumen of this team, as well as the deep commitment to public service, we knew we’d found the right group to be UJP’s first Hudson Valley team. Each candidate has embraced UJP’s platform to reverse the outmigration of our talent and is committed to developing policy to enable private investment in our economy and reform State government.”

In accepting the nomination, Mike Martucci said, “As someone that started my own small business at 22 years old and created 550 local jobs in the Hudson Valley, I know first-hand the challenges of doing business in New York and am completely committed to supporting  the innovation economy, fostering local startups and stopping the outflow of talent to other parts of the country. I am honored to accept the endorsement of the Upstate Jobs Party and once elected, I will work to cut taxes, slash bureaucratic red tape and stand with the workers and job creators that will get our economy moving again.”

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