While Mike Martucci Receives Endorsements From Job Creators and Law Enforcement Unions Senator Metzger Receives Backing of Radical Revolutionaries

Our Revolution, Founded be Extreme Leftist Bernie Sanders, Endorses Fellow Radicals Senator Metzger and Representative Ocasio-Cortez

Goshen, NY (October 9, 2020) As candidate for the 42nd State Senate District seat Mike Martucci continues to rack up endorsements from those who build-up our communities and way of life, Senator Metzger received the endorsement from a radical socialist organization started by two-time failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Our revolution also endorsed a host of leftist candidates, many of whom openly embrace the anti-American agenda of single-payer healthcare and the Green New Deal, including Representative Ocasio-Cortez.

“Throughout the summer, extremists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have fanned the flames of revolution in this country, tearing our cities apart, destroying businesses, and sparking a wave of violence in an effort to win an election,” said Martucci. “Senator Metzger’s dangerous and reckless bail elimination law threw gasoline on that fire by putting violent criminals right back on the streets to re-offend later that night, perpetuating a wave of violence.”

Martucci added, “For this reason the NYPD, and nearly thirty other law enforcement unions representing more than 200,000 officers have endorsed me. This endorsement of Senator Metzger by Our Revolution clearly shows who is on the side of law and order and who supports ‘burning it down’ in the streets of our cities and towns. Metzger is not only out of touch with the District, she is out of touch with mainstream democrats.”

The Mike Martucci for Senate campaign calls on Senator Metzger to reject Our Revolution’s endorsement in order to send a strong signal that the revolutionary tactics of the extreme left, including the looting and rioting by ANTIFA and other anarchist groups, have no place in the 42nd State Senate District or in any civil society.

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