We Like Mike

Mike believes everyone is entitled to feel safe and free from threat; to that end, he and his wife Erin have been active in supporting organizations that protect innocent families like Safe Homes of Orange County.

Mary Doyle, Westtown, Mother

We need people who aren’t politicians in Albany; we need smart people with real-world experience who will put our families first and aren’t beholden to special interests, we need Mike as our state senator.

— Fran Seccafico, Greenwood Lake, Senior

As a part-time farmer, Mike understands the importance of supporting our local farmers, being a steward of the land, and protecting our environment for future generations – he’ll be a great state senator.

— Andrew Gurda, Slate Hill, Farmer

Mike has always been involved in helping people in the community, from safely transporting school children as a bus driver to volunteering for his church, and his charitable work through his family foundation which supports people in need all across the region.

— Kim Capaci, Port Jervis, Former Employee

I’ve known Mike and his wife Erin for over a decade, and as a mother with little children, I know Mike will fight to keep our communities safe and stand up to politicians who seek to put the rights of criminals ahead of the rights of our families.

— Meghan Bradley, Goshen, Mother

Mike’s a successful small businessman who understands how difficult it is to start and grow a business in New York State. He has wrestled with burdensome state mandates and knows how important it is to provide people with affordable quality healthcare coverage – he’ll be a great advocate for business and workers.

— Faith Ferguson, Goshen, Business Owner

Mike and Erin care so much about our community and empowering people that  they established a family foundation to support local women and children in need, educational opportunities, job creation, and agriculture initiatives.

— Peter Osario, School Bus Driver

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